Does Flirting Online Require Different Techniques Than It Does In Real Life?  

Many of the same things work for online flirting that work for “brick and mortar” flirting and all relationships begin with successful flirting.

Flirting is an art that requires oozing confidence without being Over The Top.

If you go too far, she will label you “slimy” If you don’t go far enough, she will label you “wimpy”.

So how do you achieve that point half way between slimy and wimpy and do it online without using eye contact or body language? All you have is a computer, an internet connection and Free membership at Fleshpot, right?

That is just no longer the case. All the stigma of online sex is gone. Online sex has gone main stream and is, not only acceptable, but expected. Online sex has become the primary tool of single people of all ages to generate an interesting and rewarding social life.

1. Have fun! Be light-hearted, funny and entertaining. Make her eager to talk to you again. Flirting is playful.

2. Ooze confidence. Successful flirts have a positive outlook on life. You need to transmit the “feel good” factor. An optimistic attitude attracts females like honey attracts flies.

3. Compliment her…and do it often and sincerely. Nothing opens doors like making her feel good about herself. She will want to spend more time with you and if she pays you a compliment say “thank you”. Do Not be self depreciating.

4. Listen…listen….listen. Pay attention to what she says and ask appropriate questions. Get her to open up and talk about herself. Make her feel like she is interesting and that you are interested in her. Works wonders!

5. Don’t be rude. Flirting does not include being sexually explicit nor taking offence if the lady isn’t responding to you. If she isn’t interested, take the hint and move on to the next prospect. If you get a lot of rejections, you should probably consider a different approach.

6. Send an email after you chat. This ranks right up there with sending a thank you note for a gift and it is vital to successful flirting.

Don’t try to go too fast. Flirting is the first step to a successful relationship.

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The Satisfaction Of A Hot Chick For Online Sex - Is This Heaven? 

I’m talking about online sex, of course. When the phenomenon of online sex sites started several years ago, they were a haven for perverts, sexual predators, nerds, and weirdos of assorted varieties.

That is just no longer the case. All the stigma of online sex is gone. Online sex has gone main stream and is, not only acceptable, but expected. Online sex has become the primary tool of single people of all ages to generate an interesting and rewarding social life.

Hearing your neighbors having noisy sex can be a little unnerving, because you can't help but get turned on. But Let’s face it… we are busy guys. We just simply do not have the time, the energy, or the financial where-with-all to date several nights each week while we look for the “one”. You can sort through hundreds of profiles in a month for less money than you would spend on one evening out, thus, saving time and money. We use the internet to save ourselves time and money for a lot of things like investments, shopping, medical information, and communications.

Why not make use of such a useful tool like Fleshpot for your social and personal lives as well? You could find the love of your life. At the very least, you will meet some interesting people and possibly make some lasting friendships. It’s easy to get started. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You’ll need to search for the girls that meet your specific needs. They are many and varied.

Just search through a bunch or as many as you can. Then you’ll need to drop a few tokens, send her a recent picture of yourself and start making and answering contacts. That really is all there is to it…that and patience.

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How Cheaters Use the Internet to Look For Sex And Spy On Their Hot Neighbors 

Are you in a relationship? If you are, cheating may be a concern of yours. After all, cheating is an issue that many of us have become all too familiar with. You may have been cheated on in the past, you may have known someone else who has been, or you may have learned all about cheating from the television and movies.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, they may be using the internet to do so. Why? Because the internet has made it very easy for cheaters to seek new romance. Not only is the internet making online affairs easy and convenient, but many cheaters think the internet makes it harder to get caught. Unfortunately for them and luckily for you, the computer often tells the tale.

As for how men and women use the internet to seek sex online, there are a number of different approaches taken. One of those is social networking websites. Now, it is important to know that sex networking sites, like Fleshpot, have increased in popularity over the past few years. Just because your partner uses a sex networking website, it does not mean that they are cheating on you. They may truly just be interested in connecting with old friends. Be cautious, however, of a profile that you cannot see or access or the appearance of old girlfriends on the site.

Dating websites are also how many cheaters use the internet to seek new romance online. Unfortunately, dating websites are more risky than sex networking websites. If your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend uses an online dating site, they may have the intention of actually meeting the person at the other end of the computer. This is when an affair stops becoming just an emotional affair and often starts becoming a physical affair. If you ever find that your partner is using an online dating website, be aware because there is a good chance that they are cheating on you or intend to start soon.

As it was previously stated, the internet does make it easier for cheaters to start romances online, but it is also relatively easy to catch a cheater online. To get started, check your computer’s internet history. To do so, open up a new internet explorer window. Along the top of the page, you will see the history icon. This icon is in the shape of a clock with a green arrow. Clicking on this will tell you all of the websites visited in the past few days. Be suspicious of no information, as it may mean that the history was purposely cleared.

A keylogger program, also occasionally referred to as a keyword tracker, can also be installed on your computer. These programs work to capture each word that is typed on your computer. If you think that your partner is communicating with their sex partner or partners online through email or in chat room sessions, you may be able to see exactly what it is they are saying. These types of programs can be expensive, but they can also provide you with the proof that you need.

You can also always take the direct approach. If your partner is using the computer and acting secretive, demand to see what they are looking at. Walk over to the computer immediately, request that they get up and you take their seat. View the computer’s internet history immediately. This allows you to see what they have been looking at online before giving a computer savvy cheater time to cover their tracks.

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What To Do About Sex Noises From My Next Door Neighbor? 

Her noises literally torture me.

Here are your options in any situation (one of the options isn't available most of the time):

... But first! A bonus!

Wouldn’t you like to know the source of all problems? It’s three words… “This shouldn’t be.”

That may be helpful… but on to your options:

1. Accept it

2. Change it*

3. Leave it

4. Suffer

*Open to interpretation… kind of suggests changing the behavior/situation actually. But legally stopping your neighbor from making sounds of pleasure that are audible in your apartment sounds very challenging and basically outside your circle of influence. You could change your experience of it through Changing Your Habits or shifting the frame, etc., and that would fit a valid interpretation of 2.

Most people choose 4.

Ironically, people resist their current circumstances because they think, “If I accept my current circumstances, I’ll get stuck with my current circumstances!”
The opposite is true because, what you resist persists.

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

Want your Resistance to go to zero?
Choose it.
Choose the noisy moaner and your suffering disappears.

Butt... The BEST Way Is To Go Find A Hottie With a Moan You Like!
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