What Are My Remedies For Dealing With My Neighbors Noisy Sex? 

Depending on the type of legal action that you file, there are several different remedies available for persons who are affected by noisy neighbor sex. Some of the more common remedies for the problem are:

Monetary Damages: Your neighbor may have to pay a fine if they have violated a local noise ordinance. Or, if you can prove that you suffered some sort of loss from the noise, they may have to reimburse you for your losses or even for injuries that may have been caused by the noise (such as hearing loss).

Injunction: An injunction is basically a court order that instructs your neighbor to stop making the loud sex noises or to stop playing music too loudly. These are common for nuisance claims and in situations where monetary damages are not available.

Mediation: Sometimes it can be difficult to speak with your neighbor regarding a dispute. Emotions can run high and it may be awkward when you see each other again after a heated discussion. A court may often assign a mediator to help smooth out your differences.

Note that the types of remedies that are available will vary according to the laws of your jurisdiction, as well as the type of offense that is involved. You may wish to check your local laws or consult with a lawyer if you are unsure of your options.

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