If You Are Female, Here's Some Down And Dirty Insight On Dating  

It can be difficult to be a woman in the dating arena. A lot of things can go wrong for you and more so than it can for the guy. Plus, men can be really dense about a few things. Well, no worries. Here are a few tips on what to do and not to do during a date:

1) Timing is important - Timing as in 'on time'. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as 'fashionably late'. For the first date, this can give the guy jitters and make him think that you've stood him up. For the later dates, having him wait for you in the living room for half an hour with either your roommate, your sister or, worse, your father is not something you want him to do - whether it be for the embarrassing stories or Dad's 'eyes of doom'.

2) Keep your head on straight - Yes, we all know dates are supposed to be fun, but knowing what's going on is important both for your own safety and for you love life. Is your date acting suspicious or just nervous? Maybe you'd want to end the date early or do something to calm him down. Is he taking notice of what you're wearing or just ogling? The choice to either wink at him or just stare knowingly is up to you. Is his attention on you or the girl next to you? You might wish to reward him with a smile or a slap. Situational awareness is not just for soldiers on the front but also for young women on the prowl.

3) Be nice - Have a positive attitude, find things that you like and tell him. Compliment him about his clothes, how he looks and how well the date is going. It puts him at ease and also makes him feel important. It also shows him that you're taking notice of him and you appreciate him. But, don't lie. Like I said, look at the bright side of things - the service of the restaurant may have been slow but the ambiance was terrific. Try making it into a habit, you aren't lying - you're just being diplomatic!

4) Do not complain - This may be technically part of tip three, but it deserves a separate heading. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell him that something is wrong or something makes you uncomfortable. The way you phrase it and the tone you use is important here. 'Venting', like we do with our girl friends, is not going to go over well with him since he'll probably misinterpret it. Grin and bear it then tell him after the date in calm, reasoned tones your problem. Trust me, he'll understand and he'll try to make it up to you.

5) Enjoy the date - A date is a chance to get to know each other and to enjoy yourselves. Have fun during the date. Try not to be hyper-critical and just take things in stride. If you're not having fun, your date will notice and, trust me, he will get nervous which will probably start ruining the experience for both of you. Also, just let your guard down for a little while. Let him see the real you. He may or may not like it, but in the end he will appreciate the honesty of the act. Besides, if he doesn't like you for you, why should you keep on dating?

6) Afterwards, show interest - If you really like the guy, waiting for the call after a successful date is nerve-wracking. You know he's interested and you're definitely interested, you're just waiting for him to call you so you could arrange another date. Try giving him a day or two. He usually has to get his act together and work up the courage to call. If he doesn't call, he's probably still tongue-tied from being in your presence. Call him up to say hello. Talk about the date and how you had fun and give hints. No matter how dense he will pick up on it and he'll probably be asking you for another date!

7) Be consistent - For those who've crossed the 'First Date' Rubicon, try maintaining the impression you made on him on that first date. Men don't like surprises except, of course, if they plan them. Talk to each other, both on and off dates, to get to know each other more. What he got on the first date was a sneak peek and what he should get from your continued dating should be the entire reel.

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What Are My Remedies For Dealing With My Neighbors Noisy Sex? 

Depending on the type of legal action that you file, there are several different remedies available for persons who are affected by noisy neighbor sex. Some of the more common remedies for the problem are:

Monetary Damages: Your neighbor may have to pay a fine if they have violated a local noise ordinance. Or, if you can prove that you suffered some sort of loss from the noise, they may have to reimburse you for your losses or even for injuries that may have been caused by the noise (such as hearing loss).

Injunction: An injunction is basically a court order that instructs your neighbor to stop making the loud sex noises or to stop playing music too loudly. These are common for nuisance claims and in situations where monetary damages are not available.

Mediation: Sometimes it can be difficult to speak with your neighbor regarding a dispute. Emotions can run high and it may be awkward when you see each other again after a heated discussion. A court may often assign a mediator to help smooth out your differences.

Note that the types of remedies that are available will vary according to the laws of your jurisdiction, as well as the type of offense that is involved. You may wish to check your local laws or consult with a lawyer if you are unsure of your options.

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Can I Bring Legal Action Against Noisy Neighbors?  

If your neighbors are constantly being loud or excessively noisy, you may be able to file a legal claim against them. Of course, it is always best to try and work out your differences through a polite request or conversation. However, if your neighbors still do not understand your needs, you may be able to pursue the following types of legal claims:

Nuisance: Excessive or disturbing noises may result in a nuisance lawsuit. This is probably the most common type of legal action for noise disturbances. You might succeed on a nuisance claim if the noise continuously interferes with your ability to use or enjoy your own property.

Disturbing the Peace: Some jurisdictions place a limit on the decibel levels for sounds in any neighborhood. If your neighbors exceed the decibel level limit with their noise, they may be found guilty of disturbing the peace, which is a minor offense punishable by a fine.

Noise Ordinance Violations: Some jurisdictions may also enforce noise ordinances, which ban specific types of noise or music in a residential area. They may also ban loud noises at certain times of the day, for example during normal sleeping hours. Check to see if your city or municipality has such an ordinance, and whether your neighbor may be in violation.

As you can see there are a variety of legal avenues through which you may address disputes with a noisy neighbor. Part of the problem with noise in the neighborhood is that many people feel that it’s their own right to be as loud as they want to be in their homes or yards.

It is common for a neighbor not to respond to an initial complaint. So, if one legal option is not working, you may wish to try a different approach through the claims listed above.

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Keep The Noise Down With These Quick and Easy Romantic Ideas 

No time to plan for romance or just need a romantic idea in a pinch? These quick and easy romantic ideas can be done at the spur of the moment.

1. Warm your loves bath towel in the dryer while they’re in the shower.

2. Go to the mall and split $20 between you and your love. Split up and find surprises for a romantic or seductive evening together. Keep your findings a surprise until that evening.

3. Stick a note on the remote control, “Come turn me on!”

4. Go to the movie theater just to make out. Get there early so you can sit in the back row.

5. Cut different sized hearts from colored paper. Write love messages on them such as "I love your smile", and "You make me laugh." Hide the hearts throughout the house for your love to find.

6. Be extra nice when your love has had a bad day.

7. Make wishes together by tossing coins in fountains every chance you get.

8. Hide a love note in your love’s pants or coat pocket.

9. The slightest change in your normal routine can spark romance. Try using candles for mood lighting. They come in all shapes, sizes and smells. Aromatherapy candles are great for setting a mood and pheromone candles act as an aphrodisiac.

10. Write down your romantic fantasies and then pick a night to share them with each other.

11. Plan ahead; mark all the special upcoming days on your calendar.

12. Tonight, eat dinner by candlelight.

13. Plant a note or two in a book your love is reading. Write "I love you," “I want you," or "XOXOXO."

14. Take a candlelit shower together.

15. Go to a coffee shop - just to sit together and talk. Or get coffee to go - go for a long scenic drive together.

16. Be naughty, play hooky together. Do whatever you want together.

17. Drive for an hour or two just to have a picnic or stop at a restaurant you've never been at.

18. While your love is taking a shower, sneak in and write, "I love you!" on the steamed mirror.

19. Next time you're walking anywhere, grab your love's hand or walk arm and arm.

20. Sit by the fire together roasting marshmallows or drinking wine.

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