What To Do About Sex Noises From My Next Door Neighbor? 

Her noises literally torture me.

Here are your options in any situation (one of the options isn't available most of the time):

... But first! A bonus!

Wouldn’t you like to know the source of all problems? It’s three words… “This shouldn’t be.”

That may be helpful… but on to your options:

1. Accept it

2. Change it*

3. Leave it

4. Suffer

*Open to interpretation… kind of suggests changing the behavior/situation actually. But legally stopping your neighbor from making sounds of pleasure that are audible in your apartment sounds very challenging and basically outside your circle of influence. You could change your experience of it through Changing Your Habits or shifting the frame, etc., and that would fit a valid interpretation of 2.

Most people choose 4.

Ironically, people resist their current circumstances because they think, “If I accept my current circumstances, I’ll get stuck with my current circumstances!”
The opposite is true because, what you resist persists.

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

Want your Resistance to go to zero?
Choose it.
Choose the noisy moaner and your suffering disappears.

Butt... The BEST Way Is To Go Find A Hottie With a Moan You Like!
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